Hassan (Huss) El-Achrafi – Final Round

Huss, Owner and Head Coach of Final Round Gym, has brought a different kind of gym to Sydney Australia. Representing years of experience, evaluation, and thorough research, Final Round's philosophy is to train to objectives, whether that is being more fit all around or mastering a specific sport. It is offering a combination of services, Final Round's specialty being; 'the art of striking,' in particular Boxing and Muay Thai, which also includes striking for MMA. The training at Final Round is diverse and focused on achieving specific goals for each individual.

Huss also being the Owner, promoter, and matchmaker of Final Round Promotion, which was established in 2016, noticing there was a hole in the local boxing scene. There were not enough shows, and the shows being run didn’t have the best interest of the boxer’s or the development of boxing, particularly the amateur scene. Final Round Promotion's primary focus was to bring and develop boxing within the local and surrounding areas by providing competitive and non-intimidating boxing events, catering for people of all cultures, beliefs, and walks of life, within a family-friendly environment.

The objective was and still is simple: To bring back the excitement of amateur and professional boxing of the past, the type of shows that we woke up early as kids to watch or listen to on the radio. Not run revenue shows with fill in bouts. We have no under the table deals with competitive and honest boxing. Driven by these values Huss, is working on expanding professional boxing to new areas, through the development of amateur programs.

South Western Sydney is in for a treat on the 9th of November. They are returning to the Whitlam Leisure Centre for Final Round's biggest show yet. Matchups put together by boxing fans for boxing fans, showcasing some of Australia's boxers in Sydney.

Be sure to follow, like, comment, reach out to Huss the approachable team at Final Round Gym & Final Round Promotion, links below!

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