The Lead Uppercut – Propping that chin back 😈

An Uppercut is a punch that is thrown to the body or head of an opponent at close range. This punch requires a reasonable degree of flexibility in the hips, to assist in improving technique when delivering this punch. It is an effective short-range punch (in-fighting) suitable for the short compact boxer.   

Key points of a good uppercut: 

·      The uppercut is all about legs, hips, and core - ensure the boxer is driving the punch from below.  

·      Ensure the punch-side shoulder drops down to provide the ability to drive upwards into the target with a straight wrist. 

·      The back of the boxer's fist should be facing directly forward and the punch should be delivered in the central "sweet spot" between the boxer and the focus pad holder.   

Be sure to reach out with any questions you may have! also, let us know in the comments below what you would like to see next from Team Onward! 👊⏩ #AlwaysONward

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